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Image by Marko Blažević


As an intimacy professional, Hannah has served on over a dozen productions, doing everything from movies to musicals to new plays. To contact Hannah for your project, click the flamingo photo to the left.

Image by Zdeněk Macháček


Hannah offers intimacy workshops for secondary schools, universities, and arts organizations. To inquire about hosting a workshop, click the owl photo to the left.

Image by Gauravdeep Singh  Bansal

Leadership Training

Hannah created Trauma-Informed Leadership modules with Heartland Intimacy Design and Training. These courses can be completed online at your own pace. To inquire further, click the birds to the left.  


Jason Chimonides, Director and Professor

"Our play was a modern retelling of Romeo & Juliet anchored around a pressurized interracial relationship. In designing the love and infatuation between the characters, we needed a safe and skilled pair of hands. In coordinating the intimacy we really benefited from the delicacy and helpful dialogue Hannah brings to her work. The actors and production felt totally supported, honored and guided..."
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