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Hannah Fazio (she/they), Ph.D. is a writer, educator, and intimacy professional from small-town Minnesota who currently lives in Tallahassee, Florida. She just completed her dissertation on intimacy choreography and arts-based research. 

Hannah has taught pre-k through university, working in public, private, and charter schools in Minnesota, New York, Baltimore, and Tallahassee. She specializes in curriculum design and the creative arts (mostly writing and performance). 


Hannah is an award-winning author whose work has been featured in publications such as  Huffington Post, Imagined Theatres, and Theatre/Practice

Hannah is also an accomplished playwright, director, intimacy choreographer, and performer whose work has been featured at Manhattan Repertory Theatre, The Living Gallery,  Brooklyn Wildlife, Hamilton College, New York University, and Florida State University among others

Hannah loves long walks with her dog, Loki, bird-watching, gardening, collaging, and cooking. 

Hannah offers videos on movement, yoga, intimacy, and acting on YouTube--> Intimate Acts. 

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